Strawberry Obsidian Tumble
Strawberry Obsidian Tumble

Strawberry Obsidian Tumble

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| Strawberry Obsidian |

Strawberry Obsidian is a natural glass that forms when lava mixes into water. Although it is a natural glass, it has dye in it to create this breath-taking red/pink color. Strawberry Obsidian can help you to:

  • increase your self worth
  • stimulate the root chakra.
  • ground and balance.
  • see the changes they need to make in their life. 
  • block psychic attacks and remove negative energies.
  • balance male and female energy

Are you interested in Strawberry Obsidian?

Try one of our pieces to ground and bring balance to your next meditation.

Our crystals come in bags to keep them safe and secure.

Please note that each crystal is unique and will vary slightly in formation and colour.