Large Selenite Rod
Large Selenite Rod

Large Selenite Rod

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| Selenite Rod |

Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are four varieties of the mineral gypsum; all four varieties show obvious crystalline structure. The four "crystalline" varieties of gypsum are sometimes grouped together and called Selenite. Selenite is believed to be a powerful protection stone, creating a soft peaceful environment and unblocking mental clarity.  Selenite can help you to:

  • enhance mental flexibility as well as enable stronger decision making. 
  • find and work with other spirit guides
  • cleanse and charge all other crystals
  • contact and communicate with angels for guidance.

Are you interested in Selenite?

Try one of our pieces to enhance mental clarity and peaceful feelings to your next meditation.

Our crystals come in bags to keep them safe and secure.

Please note that each crystal is unique and will vary slightly in formation and colour. Each rod is approx 200mm in length, width may vary.